adactio austin

  1. Friday, March 9
    1. 6:00pm8:00pm Porter Novelli Friday Night Mix at Six at Six, 117 West 4th St
    2. 7:00pm10:00pm Break Bread with Brad at Buffalo Billiards, 201 East 6th St
    3. 7:00pm Lucinda Williams at Stubb's Bar-B-Q, 801 Red River St
  2. Saturday, March 10
    1. 6:00pm8:00pm Opening Night Happy Hour at Whiskey Bar, 303 West 5th St
    2. 6:00pm8:00pm Fox Interactive Media Pre-Party at Six, 117 West 4th St
    3. 8:00pm11:00pm Frog Design opening party at Fox and Hound, 401 Guadalupe St
    4. 10:00pm Buzzfeed + Ze Frank + Juicebox at Molotov Lounge, 719 West 6th St
    5. 10:00pm2:00am AMODA Digital Showcase at The Mohawk, 10th and Red River
    6. 10:00pm2:00am 8-bit at Scoot Inn, 1308 East 4th St at Novasota
  3. Sunday, March 11
    1. 6:00pm7:00pm SXSW Web Awards Pre-Party at Brush Square Park, 409 East 5th St
    2. 7:30pm9:00pm 10th Annual SXSW Web Awards Ceremony at the Downtown Hilton Hotel, 500 East 4th St
    3. 8:00pm12:00pm Fray Cafe 7 at Red Eyed Fly, 715 Red River
    4. 9:00pm Web Awards After-Party at Club de Ville, 900 Red River St
    5. 9:00pm11:00pm Film Baby Party at Whiskey Bar, 303 West 5th St
    6. 10:00pm2:00am CHOW / Consumating / Webshots Party at The Mohawk, 10th and Red River
  4. Monday, March 12
    1. 6:30pm9:30pm Yahoo! BarTab at Light Bar, 408 Congress Ave
    2. 7:00pm8:30pm 20 x 2 at The Parish above Jazz on 6th, 614 East 6th St
    3. 7:00pm9:30pm The Heather Gold Show: Continuous Partial Attention at The Ritz, 320 East 6th St
    4. 7:30pm10:30pm The Great British Booze-up at Lava Lounge, 405 East 7th St
    5. 9:00pm1:00am GOOD Magazine / Creative Commons Party at Uncle Flirty's, 325 East 6th St
    6. 10:30pm2:00am South by Northwest at the Iron Cactus, 606 Trinity
  5. Tuesday, March 13
    1. 7:00pm9:00pm fluffertraX Party at Lucky Lounge, 209-A West 5th St
    2. 8:00pm Media Temple Closing Party at The Foundation, 307 West 5th St
    3. 1:00am2:00am Breakfast with Dustin at International House of Pancackes, 707 East Cesar Chavez St

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